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Pet Grooming: How To Clean Your Dog’s Ears at Home

Apart from bathing your dog regularly, keeping your dog’s ears clean is also an essential part of pet grooming. This practice is important so ear infections can be avoided in the future. Some breeds of dogs, like Basset Hound and Labrador Retriever, are more prone to developing ear infections. This ...
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Parasites In Dogs & Puppies

Deworming is a crucial part of every pet’s life. It will help eliminate unwanted pests and parasites inside your pet’s bodies to make sure they live a happy and longer life. Your puppy or growing dog can be a host to a number of parasites depending on their lifestyle. That’s ...
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Pet Vaccines: Pet Owners’ Guide To Dog Shots

When it comes to taking care of your dog, it’s not enough that we give them food, shelter and the affection that they need. It is also crucial that we pay attention to their health. This includes the administration of vaccines appropriate for your dog’s current age and lifestyle. Whether ...
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Weird Cat Behavior Explained [WATCH]

We all love it when our cats display random acts of cuteness. Their simple ways of playing and sleeping fill our hearts with priceless joy. However, cats are not always cute and cuddly companions. Sometimes, we find them in situations where they manifest weird and strange behavior that makes us ...
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WATCH: How Cats Evolved Into Domesticated Companions

Cats have always been known for their feisty and ferocious nature. As their species evolved over the years and have become part of the domesticated life, they are now considered to be one of human kind’s most beloved furry friends. In today’s modern world, there are multiple breeds of cats ...
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