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Celebrating ‘World Veterinary Day’ — People Share the Best Parts of Being a Vet

This year, April 27th will mark the annual occasion where vets all around the globe celebrate their profession of giving medical services and care to animals. What do vets really think the best part of being a vet and working with animals is? “The best part of being a vet ...
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Research Explains The Reason Why Humans Love Their Dogs

Have you ever wondered why you feel so bonded with your dog? Have you ever wondered why every time you look at each other, there comes a feeling of inexplicable joy? Well, now we have the answer. A study done by Journal Science reveals that when humans get into eye ...
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How Dogs See The World Through Their Sense Of Smell

The ability of dogs to recognize threats and unfamiliar presence from a distance is just one of the many unique skill sets that separates them from human beings. While dogs are also able to see their surroundings through their sense of sight, their skilled ability to perceive the world through ...
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Pet Shopping: 30+ Products You’ll Want To Buy For Your Beloved Pets

Love to shop for your pets? We got you covered! From self-cleaning dog potty to cat carriers, there are several products in the market that can be helpful to pet owners like you. Whether you enjoy doing fun, adventurous things outdoors with your pet or you simply want to be ...
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Adorable Before & After Pictures of Pets Growing Up

Over the years, our pets have become our closest companions in our homes. For most of us, these friendships have begun since the beginning of our early childhood days. As we grew older, our cats and dogs have become witnesses to our pains, joys and other memorable milestones. Our 7th ...
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