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Have you ever wondered why you feel so bonded with your dog?

Have you ever wondered why every time you look at each other, there comes a feeling of inexplicable joy?

Well, now we have the answer. A study done by Journal Science reveals that when humans get into eye contact with their dogs, a hormone called oxytocin aka the “feel good” hormone is released in their system.

During the study, scientists have experimented with 30 participants of dog and human pairings — where they were asked to look at each other’s eyes and then provided urine samples. After measuring the oxytocin levels of each sample, the research showed that the dogs had a 130% increase in the hormone, while the pet parents’ levels boosted up to 300%.

So the next time you find yourself having a sweet moment with your dog, be comforted to know that what you feel towards your furry friend is actually backed by science.


Oxytocin is popularly known as the “love hormone” as it is released when people cuddle or create a social bond.