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The ability of dogs to recognize threats and unfamiliar presence from a distance is just one of the many unique skill sets that separates them from human beings.

While dogs are also able to see their surroundings through their sense of sight, their skilled ability to perceive the world through scent is a whole different story.

“They might look at someone with their eyes; as you approach, they look at you,” Dr. Alexandra Horowitz shared with Business Insider.

“But then once they’ve noticed that there’s something with their eyes, they use smell to tell that it’s you. So they sort of reverse that very familiar use of ours.”

Dog’s heightened sense of smell is crucial in our understanding on how they see the world they’re in.

As humans, we are likely to use our sense of smell when something delicious is being cooked. When this happens, we use our sense of sight to locate where the appetizing smell is coming from. For dogs, however, it is the opposite.

Explained Horowitz: “We smell something and then when we see it we’re like, ‘Oh yeah, that’s it. That’s what it was. It was cinnamon buns.’ And dogs when they see you, they’re like, ‘Okay, that’s something to explore, I’m gonna smell it. Oh yeah that’s Ben.'”

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