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This year, April 27th will mark the annual occasion where vets all around the globe
celebrate their profession of giving medical services and care to animals.
What do vets really think the best part of being a vet and working with animals is?

“The best part of being a vet is, of course, helping animals.

It is endlessly rewarding to relieve a hurting animal’s pain, or to see a formerly too-sick-to-eat dog chow down a bowl of food, or to see a cat with a history of life-threatening urinary obstruction urinate with ease.
I treat a large number of critically sick animals. For many of them, there is a moment when one can visibly see them start to feel better. The spring comes back into one dog’s step. A former hang dog smiles and wags his tail. A cat rubs against the front of her cage. A dog barks when they she hears a car pull into the parking lot. I live for that moment.”

– Dr. Eric Barchas

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“The very best thing about being a veterinarian is… Other veterinarians. And if you ask other veterinarians this question, I’d wager that 9 out of 10 of them would give the very same answer.

I don’t hold this opinion solely because of the veterinarians I know personally, though. When I first launched my podcast, I of course began by interviewing my kind and obliging friends. Soon however, it became necessary to reach out to veterinarians I did not know and had never met. I did so with great trepidation, but have met nothing but generous enthusiasm. Friends and strangers both, many of these people are introverted and very private, yet they’ve been willing to share their experiences, their thoughts and feelings, their failures and sorrows, as well as their successes so that others can benefit. Whether they knew me or not, all of these amazing people granted me so much of their valuable and limited time – purely in hopes that their personal stories might help future veterinarians.”

– Dr. April Kung

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“Seeing a pet’s health turn around after treatment. Even more, seeing a client’s reaction when their beloved pet’s health turns around—and we helped.”

– Practice manager

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“When people say you made a difference in their lives—even if it was just being sympathetic and kind when they had to euthanize their pet.”

– Associate veterinarian

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