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There’s nothing better than to see an unlikely friendship forming under one roof. And that’s exactly what happened between dog, Joule and her cat pal, Kelvin.

The duo’s unlikely bond has become popular on Instagram when their owner decided to install security cameras while she’s at work.

Apparently, Joule and Kelvin enjoy snuggling together during nap time.

See the video evidence below and be prepared to have your heart melt!

According to their adoptive parent Brenna Eckert, Joule is a highly-anxious dog when she first rescued her years ago.

“Joule had a lot of anxiety when we first adopted her,” Eckert shared with The Dodo. “We worked one-on-one with a dog behaviorist to help work through some of her issues.”

“She is certainly a velcro dog. When we are home she always needs to be close to us.”

Shortly after, they adopted Kelvin the cat who has eventually became Joule’s security blanket.

“We noticed that Kelvin and Joule were laying on the couch together almost every day,” Eckert said. “I moved the camera to get a closer view of the couch and was amazed to see that they weren’t just sharing the couch, but they were snuggling up against each other.”
Want to see more of Joule and Kelvin? Check out their Instagram page here.