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Another annual event of gift giving is just around the corner: Valentine’s Day.

If you’re looking for something out-of-the-box and unique, what better way to make your significant other feel special than to make his/her beloved furry friend feel extra special too?

Whether it’s just a simple dog chain or a cute and personalized piece of clothing, it’s always the genuine effort that counts.

Check out these eight gift ideas for dogs this coming Valentine’s Day:

1. Personalized Dog Bowl by MeganLouiseCeramics

2. Valentine Dog Collar by shopmimigreen

3. Zippy Burrow – Cookie Jar by Zippy Paws

4. Custom iPhone Ultra-Aseismic Case by Pets United Plus

5. Cherokee Style Raised Dog Feeder by Rescued Woodworks

6. Dog Sweater by G & G

7. Custom Pet Art by Brunamonti Boutique

8. Perfect Pooch Gift Pack by Exclusively Dog

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